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From Intolerance to Inclusion

Deep concern is being expressed across the world and across the media about rising levels of intolerance and hostility on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality and religion. There are worries that an increase in diverse and fragmented societies is leading to a rise in hatred, polarisation, and negative outcomes for individuals and communities.

In order to address these concerns, the Woolf Institute is measuring and mapping local patterns of intolerance based on ethnicity, nationality and religion, in order to establish what works at the local level to tackle intolerance and to improve inclusion between divided communities.

The project, which began in January 2019, aims to establish an annual survey of intolerance across England and Wales (the Woolf Tolerance Index) with a view to developing an annual UK-wide survey.

We have collected survey data in partnership with Survation – a leading polling company in the UK. The data will be analysed using cutting-edge statistical techniques. We will explore statistical findings with interviews and focus groups conducted within communities across England and Wales. In short, the project will generate the evidence needed to help move our more divided communities from intolerance to inclusion.

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