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Assessing the Effectiveness of Interfaith Initiatives

A collaboration between The Woolf Institute, Georgetown University Qatar and the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID), and with the generous support of the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), Assessing the Effectiveness of Interfaith Initiatives is a three-year ethnographic research project that centres on Delhi, Doha and London.

The focus of the research, therefore, is a comparative assessment of how the now global interfaith movement has emerged and developed across these three diverse case studies. Over the course of three years, researchers conducted extensive fieldwork in Delhi, Doha and London, which involved participant-observation at a range of interfaith events, for the most part in dialogue settings such as conferences, roundtables and workshops. Extensive interviews were conducted with interfaith practitioners, religious leaders, scholars, government officials, policymakers and also laypeople. Although centring on three distinctive case studies, the research carried out encompasses many of the trends and challenges that are identifiable across the broader interfaith movement, and should be of interest to politicians, policymakers, religious and community leaders and scholars or students with an interest in the field of interfaith.

The choice of Delhi, Doha and London reflects the need to consider a wide range of factors that encourage, or in some cases inhibit, interfaith engagement around the world. These include religious, but also historical, social and political determinants. While these factors inform the kinds of interfaith engagement that take place in each context, as our research has identified, there are some common trends across all three sites.

Research Report

The Research Report, 'Beyond Dialogue? Interfaith Engagements in Delhi, Doha & London', was launched on 18 April 2018 and can be downloaded here.


24 April 2018. Woolf-DICID Lecture and Report Launch (Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies)

22 April 2018. Research Seminar (Georgetown University, Qatar)

18 April 2018. Report Launch and Exhibition (Woolf Institute, Cambridge)

17-18 April 2018. Emergent Religious Pluralism(s), an interdisciplinary conference (Woolf Institute, Cambridge)

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Research Report

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