Commission on the Integration of Refugees

The Commission on the Integration of Refugees is an independent commission that aims to improve the refugee and asylum system for a society where everyone, including refugees, feels welcome and integrated. It brings together opposing views and diverse experiences from across the UK – from refugees and local communities, faith and community leaders, security forces and healthcare professionals – and works to overcome differences and find common ground on how to fix the broken system with practical solutions.

The Commission is convened and funded by the Woolf Institute. It was established by Dr Ed Kessler, Woolf Institute Founder Director, and Trixie Brenninkmeijer, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees.

It is widely agreed that the system for those seeking protection in the UK is not working, with damaging effects across society and for refugees. Tragically at least 45 people died trying to cross the Channel last year, including four children, and at the end of June 2022 70,065 applications for refugee protection had been pending for more than six months, the highest figure recorded. And with climate change and conflict more people will be seeking safety here and around the world.

That's why the Commission is consulting with a wide variety of experts from across the country who have a vast range of experience and views. They include refugees and asylum seekers, economists, security and police forces, lawyers, third-sector workers, business leaders, clinicians, education and health experts, academics, faith leaders and policymakers across the political spectrum.

The Commission will take evidence at hearings in locations across the UK to hear from local people and experts. It will use evidence, commission independent, high quality research, and it will seek to understand the opinions of the public.

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