The Willie and Jo Kessler Masters Studentship is open to any student registered on the MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies: Muslim-Jewish Relations at the University of Cambridge or other Masters programmes at Cambridge relevant to the work of the Woolf Institute. 

The Studentship at the Woolf Institute and the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust support the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship (MPhil).

The value of the Studentship is determined annually by the Woolf Institute who may divide the Studentship between candidates of equal merit. 

The first award was made in the academic year 2019/20.


2019/20: Mohammed Ibraheem Ahmed

Mohammed undertook the MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies: Muslim-Jewish Relations. Mohammed is currently a Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholar (PhD) analysing the exegesis of Al-Tabari (d.923 CE), focusing on the representation of Medinan Jews.

2020/21: Gal Koplewitz

Gal is completing the MPhil in History by dissertation. He has focused on the establishment and expansion of Jewish-Baghdadi Trade in China between 1845 and 1917.

Gal was also supported by the Shoresh Foundation.

2021/22: To be announced