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Minorities and Popular Culture in Modern Middle East

12th June, 2015 @ 09:00

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London

Thanks to modern mass communication media and commercial entertainment, popular culture has increasingly become a large industry geared for massive consumption while engendering and contesting national and communal identities. Since the late nineteenth century, Middle Eastern minorities have contributed to the making of popular culture industries as public performers, producers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, etc.  Meanwhile, popular culture has been a crucial tool in constructing public imagery of both majority and minority ethnic and religious communities. Thus, popular culture has been a site of contradictions and contestations.

This workshop aimed to explore the contribution of all religious and ethnic minorities to the popular culture industries and how popular culture products have represented minorities and dealt with the minority question in modern Middle East during the twentieth century and at present. The workshop examined national, regional, and cross-regional case studies covering the area from Iran to Morocco, from Turkey to Sudan and beyond.

Please Note: The entry date for this conference has now passed.

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