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Reflecting on recent science news stories and current events, authoritative thinkers unpack the implications for society. Naked Reflections is chaired by Ed Kessler, Founder Director of the Woolf Institute.

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Memories of Dementia

Where do we find meaning when we're deprived of memories?

Religion and Artificial Intelligence

How might the development of AI affect religious belief or practice?

What Makes Music?

Why are we so drawn to music?


Are we reaching a tipping point in our attitudes towards racial inequality?


What is it that makes us feel lonely?

The History and Future of the City

What can we learn from holy and heavenly cities?

Organ Donation: Giving for Living

Compassion in action?

Memories Lost and Found

Can memory be used as a weapon?

High Anxiety

How can we tell the difference between stress and anxiety?


Have you been betrayed before?

Alpha Females

Are we doing enough to support female leaders?

Dialogue: The Moses Story

How do we manage difference?

Colours in our Minds

Can some of us hear and feel colours?

Changing Minds

Psychology, theology, literature...what do they tell us about depression and mental health?

In Sickness and In Health

What challenges does COVID-19 present to social, scientific and religious leadership?

Apocalypse Not Now

It's not the end of the world, right? What would the apocalypse even look like according to scientists, theologians and medical professionals?

Food Glorious Food

What so deeply connects us to food and how can our diets affect the planet? What do religious dietary requirements look like? Bon appétit!

Social media and the modern day Messiah

What would it take for you to believe the Messiah had arrived?

Sick Planet

How do we keep ourselves accountable when the planet is growing sicker in front of our eyes?

Booze and Religion

Bottoms up or bottles away? What does history and scripture say?

Gut Feeling

Should we really go with our guts?

Laughing Matters

What makes laughter so good for us?

Genetics and ethics: the Sanger controversy

Do we have ownership of our genetic data?


Can we really forgive and forget? What benefits are there to forgiving others?

Evolution: Past, Present and Future

What do debates about evolution look like when we have millions of years of evidence to contend with?

Whose genes are they anyway?

How far is too far when it comes to genetic modification?

Changing attitudes to childhood

What does childhood look like in literature, psychiatry, education and religion? Have our attitudes towards children changed?

What makes a good death?

Is there a good way to die? What does scripture, literature and medicine tell us?

Who believes experts anymore?

Do we care less about authority or do we need our leaders more than ever?

Glass half full

What are the psychological benefits of being optimistic?

From pilgrimage to package tour

What benefits of travelling can we see in religious practice, artistic expression and music? What about the negative side of things?

Inclusivity in academia

What makes a space inclusive and who decides what that means?

How much can we damage the environment?

What are the political, scientific and theological impacts of damaging the environment?

What makes a crime a crime?

How do we decide what constitutes a criminal offence?

A certain uncertainty

What's the value in being uncertain?
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