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From the Woolf Institute comes An A-Z of Believing: from Atheism to Zealotry. This new podcast, presented by Dr Ed Kessler, is a 26-week crash course on religion and society. What makes the beauty of ritual so attractive? Do Abrahamic religions teach karma? How do people from different faiths have constructive conversation? Join Ed as he explains a new letter each week.

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The podcast series was also published by The Independent as weekly short essays.

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Z for Zealotry

Zealotry has had a bad press. But has this always been justified?

Y for Year

What is the date? There are more religious calendars ticking along than most of us dream of.

X for Xenophobia

Xenophobia seems to be on the rise… again.

W for Words

Words are ambiguous but translating them is theologically treacherous…

V for Violence

Is human violence inspired by religion or mitigated by religion?

U for Universalism

Universal religious values should not threaten what is unique to each religion.

T for Tolerance

Tolerance is agreeing to differ, and that is a sign of strength not weakness.

S for Sex

Sex is glorious, sex is sinful, sex is necessary. Opinions differ...

R for Repentance

Repentance is more than just saying sorry.

Q for Quietness

Quietness is desirable but not when it is an evasion of the truth

P for Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage can be literal or metaphorical

O for Occult

Is the occult just religion without rules?

N for Nationalism

When religion turns patriotic...

M for Martyrdom

Was Jesus the first religious martyr?

L for Land

One person's Holy Land is another person’s land grab

K for Karma

Are we punished for our sins, or by them?

J for Jokes

Even Jesus had a funny side...

I for Incarnation

How does God come down to meet us?

H for Heresy

All orthodoxy was once heresy...

G for God

Sometimes even atheists are tempted to believe...

F for Fundamentalism

Fighters for truth or unworldly fantasists?

E for Evil

Could evil be understood as the "eclipse" of God?

D for Dialogue

Do we understand ourselves better by understanding someone of different beliefs?

C for Conversion

If I am right - must you be wrong?

B for Beauty

What makes religious ritual so irresistible?

A for Atheism

God is dead, yet a divine shadow still looms...

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From the Woolf Institute comes An A-Z of Believing: from Atheism to Zealotry
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