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We need to talk about Israel/Palestine

On dialogue. In a special podcast by the Woolf Institute, recorded live at our ‘We need to talk about Israel/Palestine’ event, Baroness Warsi and Jonathan Freedland attempt to do just that. How can British Muslims and Jews talk about the conflict? Why have past discussions led to so many tensions? And what can we learn from an open and honest dialogue? Featuring Jonathan Freedland, Sayeeda Warsi and Ed Kessler.

Baroness Warsi is a former Conservative minister and presently a member of the House of Lords. In 2017, her first book The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain was published.

Jonathan Freedland is a Guardian Columnist, and regular writer for the New York Review of Books. He also presents BBC Radio 4’s The Long View.

Encounter is a discussion podcast produced by the Woolf Institute and presented by its Founder Director Dr Ed Kessler. Episodes explore the relationship between religion and society. Join Ed and guests as they navigate their way through some of society’s most debated topics.

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