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Stephanie Forrest

Non-stipendiary PhD Scholar


Stephanie Forrest will be commencing her PhD in History in October 2018 at Pembroke College, Cambridge. She is a 2018 Cambridge Australia Poynton Scholar and Honorary PhD Scholar at the Woolf Institute.

Stephanie's PhD research will focus on the evolving relationship between Byzantium, the Umayyad Caliphate, and Christian communities across the Middle East in the seventh and eighth centuries, particularly in the period between 661 and 718. Her interests broadly include the transmission of historical notices across the Mediterranean world, contemporary Christian and Muslim interpretations of political events, diplomatic procedures and policy, and political and administrative changes on the frontier regions. She has a particular interest in the role of Armenia, as a vital but frequently overlooked part of this picture.

Before coming to Cambridge, she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Classics at the University of Melbourne (2013) and an MPhil in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at the University of Oxford (2018). Her specific background in Classics and historiography has given her a firm grounding to tackle the problematic source material for the seventh and eighth centuries, in both Christian and Islamic traditions.

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