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Richard Payne

Researcher on the Antisemitism and Social Media Project


Richard Payne is a data science consultant working as Researcher on the Antisemitism in Social Media project with Dr Julian Hargreaves.

After completing a BSc in Computer Science at Manchester University, Richard joined a neural network research group at the University of Oxford, before spending many years helping development economists with their data and information technology, and most recently making a move to data science.


V.G. Dobson and R.D.W. Payne. Representing objects by location-implicit coding of their visual shape constancies. Irish Journal of Psychology, 13(4): 393-410, 1992  

E.T. Rolls, G.C. Littlewort, and R.D.W. Payne. Synaptic modification rules for biologically realistic competitive neuronal networks. European Journal of Neuroscience, Supplement 4(68, Supplement 4), 1991  

R.D.W. Payne. Me and My Micro: Eight games for the Yorkshire Television series. Acornsoft Plc, Cambridge, UK. Based on original programs by Fred Harris. Acorn Electron version. Cassette and 30 page booklet, 1984        

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