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Naved Siddiqi



Naved Siddiqi is a social scientist. He is currently a Consultant Researcher and Trainer at the Woolf Institute, where his special interests include faith issues in palliative care.

Naved was a Research Fellow of the Policy Research Centre, which specialised in policy concerns on civil issues and faith. He led the Centre's training and has delivered training to over 1,500 participants across the public and third sector on issues of identity, integration, social change and extremism. He has contributed to several key publications by major research institutions. He was a consultant to the Census 2011.

Naved is a board member of the Islamic Society of Britain and a founding Trustee of New Horizons in British Islam.

Naved has a law degree and was tutored in theology and in Islamic social and political history by the late Professor Zaki Badawi. He is a reader in anthropology and comparative law, including the contextualisation of Sharia. In his formative years, Naved was a legal adviser in the insurance sector.

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