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Naheed Ghauri

Visiting Fellow


Naheed Ghauri will join the Institute as a Visiting Fellow from September to December 2017.

Naheed is currently a PhD Researcher in Public International law at the School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London.

Her research interests are combined with practice as a qualified practising solicitor in family law, migration law, Muslim family law and international human rights law. Naheed's research interests include public international law, legal pluralism within Islamic law, Islamic law with reference to Muslim family law, hermeneutics, egalitarian methodology from the Qur'an and Sunna, medieval egalitarian methodology, in particular, within classical Sunni Islam and 'A'isha Bint Abi Bakr's egalitarian approach, Islamic heterogeneous legal orders interacting with state law, Christian and Muslim relations with reference to these parallel laws and development of a pluralistic-egalitarian model within family dispute resolution for civil family courts and Shari'a Councils.

Naheed has participated in many international and national conferences with renowned scholars and workshops at KARAMAH EU, Durham University, Leiden University, London School of Economics. She is also a member of Netherlands inter-university School of Islamic Studies (Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies (NISIS).

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