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Mohammed Ibraheem Ahmed

MPhil bursary holder


Mohammed is an awardee of the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship. In 2019-20, he commenced his studies on the MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies (Muslim-Jewish Relations) at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge.

He completed his BA in English and History at the University of Southampton. His final year specialised in the emergence of Islam, and the subsequent engagement of this on existing faith groups in the Arabian Peninsula and Eastern Mediterranean. His MPhil research will chiefly consist of understanding and analysing the extent to which Muslim and Jewish creed engaged with each other in the early Medieval period. He hopes to uncover how early Islamic creed borrowed and rejected elements of 'Judaic creed', and how senior figures in Judaism engaged with Islamic creed once it was a fully unified and codified set of principles. The impact of this research will uncover the extent to which the creeds are similar, and further facilitate Jewish-Muslim understanding in an increasingly polarised world.

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