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Matthew Rowley

Affiliated Researcher


Matthew recently completed a PhD in early modern religious and political history at the University of Leicester. His thesis is entitled 'Godly Violence: Military Providentialism in the Puritan Atlantic World, 1636-1676'. He holds an MDiv and ThM from Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis where he wrote his thesis on the imitation of biblical violence. He is a research associate at the Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies (Clare College, Cambridge).

Among his published works are

'What Causes Religious Violence?: Three Hundred Claimed Contributing Causes' (Journal of Religion and Violence),

'How Should We Respond to Religious Violence?: Fifteen Ways to Critique our Own Thoughts' (Ethics in Brief),

'"All Pretend an Holy War": Radical Beliefs and the Rejection of Persecution in the Mind of Roger Williams' (Review of Faith & International Affairs) and

'A New Theory of Just and Holy Warfare: The Complicated Case of Puritan Violence', in, Religion and Conflict in Medieval and Early Modern Worlds (Routledge, forthcoming).

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