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Dr John F Mueller

Affiliated Researcher, Woolf Institute

Director of Studies in History, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

01223 761972


After writing his PhD on Jewish-Christian relations in a socio-economic context under Professor Sir Richard Evans, John has embarked on a portfolio career, in fundraising, but also expanding his research and teaching.

John and his work featured in a highly-rated German public television documentary in April 2019, details of which can be found here. In 2021, he will feature in a three-part TV documentary on Sir Jack Cohen, the founder of TESCO, on Channel 5. He is now writing a book on the same subject entitled The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store for Bloomsbury Academic, due out end of 2021.

John is a member of the Royal Historical Society, and also an adviser to the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg on the history curriculum. In his spare time, John is a trustee of the largest independent sheltered housing scheme in London.

John's website


Mueller, John F., The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store: The Reich's Retailer (London: Bloomsbury, expected end 2021)

Mueller, John F., 'The prodigy? The Schocken department store and its colleagues', in: Antje Borrmann et al. (eds) Konsum und Gestalt, Leben und Werk von Salman Schocken und Erich Mendelsohn vor 1933 und im Exil (Berlin: Hentrich und Hentrich, 2017)

Mueller, John F., '"Eine Zierde jeder Stadt" Placing Provincial Department Stores in German Historiography and on the High Street', in: G. Weiss-Sussex and U. Spitzelsberger (eds.) The Berlin Department Store, History and Discourse (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2013)

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