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Dr John F Mueller

Alumni & Supporter Relations Manager

Affiliated Researcher, Woolf Institute
Director of Studies in History, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

01223 761972


After writing his PhD on Jewish-Christian relations in a socio-economic context under Professor Sir Richard Evans, John has embarked on a portfolio career, in fundraising, but also expanding his research and teaching. He is Alumni & Supporter Relations Manager at the Woolf Institute, alongside being Director of Studies in History at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, which enjoy a close academic affiliation with each other.

John and his work featured in a highly-rated German public television documentary in April 2019, details of which can be found here. In January and February 2021 he will feature in a three-part TV documentary on Sir Jack Cohen, the founder of TESCO, on Channel 5. He is now writing a book on the same subject entitled The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store for Bloomsbury Academic, due out end 2021.

John is a member of the Royal Historical Society, and also an adviser to the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg on the history curriculum. In his spare time, John is a trustee of the largest independent sheltered housing scheme in London.

He is always pleased to hear from alumni and supporters of the Woolf Institute. He hugely enjoys meeting people, igniting newcomers' interest in the Woolf's work and keeping alumni, friends and supporters updated with Woolf research findings, teaching and courses, and events information and invitations.

If you would like to visit, or have a question about Woolf Institute matters, please email

John's website


Mueller, John F., The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store: The Reich's Retailer (London: Bloomsbury, expected end 2021)

Mueller, John F., 'The prodigy? The Schocken department store and its colleagues', in: Antje Borrmann et al. (eds) Konsum und Gestalt, Leben und Werk von Salman Schocken und Erich Mendelsohn vor 1933 und im Exil (Berlin: Hentrich und Hentrich, 2017)

Mueller, John F., '"Eine Zierde jeder Stadt" Placing Provincial Department Stores in German Historiography and on the High Street', in: G. Weiss-Sussex and U. Spitzelsberger (eds.) The Berlin Department Store, History and Discourse (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2013)

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