Hope McGovern

PhD Scholar


Hope McGovern has been awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship to commence her PhD studies in 2021 at Robinson College in the Computer Laboratory under the supervision of Dr Andrew Caines.

Hope's doctoral studies will focus on Natural Language Processing, a subfield of Computer Science that deals with applying computational techniques to human language. In particular, Hope will explore a computational analysis of religious language, as recorded in scriptural texts as well as ancillary religious writings, with an emphasis on comparing representations of religious concepts (e.g. mercy, justice, love etc.) across the three Abrahamic faiths. She also aims to use machine learning and deep learning techniques to produce tools for scholars in the digital humanities.

Prior to commencing her PhD studies, Hope completed an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at Cambridge (2020/21), was a Fulbright Scholar in Vienna, Austria (2019/20) and attained a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering Physics (Hons) at Brown University (2019).

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