NEW PODCAST: Refugees and Migrants

Dr Mohammad Sakhnini

Visiting Scholar


Mohammad joined the Woolf Institute after holding various research and teaching posts at the Universities of Exeter, Sussex and Brighton in the UK and the University of Linnaeus in Sweden. Mohammad completed his MA and PhD at the University of Exeter, UK, where he researched the eighteenth-century cross-cultural encounters between Europeans and Arabs. Mohammad published numerous articles on early-modern British travel writings about metropolitan cities such as Aleppo, Damascus and Baghdad, cities where Christians, Muslims and Jews lived, traded and interacted in a tolerant and multicultural environment. He is currently completing his book about Enlightenment writings' representation of Arabs and Muslims.


"In the Eyes of Some Britons: Aleppo, an Enlightenment City", Journeys: The Journal of Travel and Travel Writing. 18:2 (2017).

"Aleppo in British Eyes: A Cosmopolitan City", Handbook of Cities in the Middle East. Ed. Haim Yacoubi and Mansour Nsasra (London: Routledge) (Forthcoming)

"Lost to Geography" in Being Palestinian: Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in Diaspora. Ed. Yasir Suleiman (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016).

"Travels in the Desert of Arabia: A Pluralised View on the Enlightenment Discourse of Improvement", Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing. 15:2 (2014): 42-62.

"Walking, Telling and Resisting in Raja Shehadeh's Palestinian Walks", Settler Colonial Studies 2:4 (2014): 209-219.

"John Carmichael's and Abraham Parsons' Journeys from Aleppo to Basra: Scientific and Commercial Views on the Discourse of Travel,” The Arab World Geographer, 14 (2011): 371-386.

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