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Dr Krisztina Szilágyi

Affiliated Researcher


Krisztina Szilágyi's main research interest lies in the premodern interactions between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. In her dissertation and publications, she argues that medieval Jews, Christians, and Muslims often knew each other's religion and culture well, sometimes in surprising depth and detail. Examples she studied include medieval Christian Arabic and Syriac polemical treatises responding to the rise of Islam, fragments of Christian and Muslim manuscripts from the genizot of Cairo, and Judaeo-Arabic genizah fragments from the writings of a medieval Jewish philosopher from Toledo, Abraham Ibn Daud (ca. 1110–1180). She holds a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University. Prior to arriving in Cambridge, she had also studied in Budapest, Damascus, and Jerusalem.


"A Fragment of a Book of Physics from the David Kaufmann Genizah Collection (Budapest) and the Identity of Ibn Daud with Avendauth," Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism 16 (2016): 11-31. (open)

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