Dr Emanuelle Degli Esposti

Affiliated Researcher


Dr Emanuelle Degli Esposti is a current Research and Outreach Associate at the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge, where she specialises in the encounter between minority Islam and European secularism. She holds a doctorate and MSc from SOAS, University of London, and a BA from Oxford University.

Dr Degli Esposti's current research examines the public forms of activism undertaken by Shi'a Muslims in Europe, especially those that might be said to be geared towards the cultivation of new forms of minority religious identity. Her research seeks to illuminate the ongoing encounter between Islam and Europe, as well as the evolving dynamics within and between different Islamic sects.

Dr Degli Esposti also holds a British Academy Rising Stars Engagement Award for her project entitled 'Beyond Sectarianism?', which seeks to broaden the conceptual and theoretical tool-kit for academic and policy engagement with intra-communal antagonism. Recent publication outputs include Politics, Contemporary Islam, Religions, and Religion, State & Society, as well as a chapter in an edited volume published by Edinburgh University Press.


Degli Esposti, E (forthcoming 2021) 'Finding a "Shi'a Voice" in Europe: Minority Representation and the Unsettling of Secular Humanitarianism in the Discourse of "Shi'a Rights."' Religion, State & Society

Degli Esposti, E (2020) 'Living Najaf in London: Diaspora, Identity, and the Iraqi-Shi’a Subject.' In: O Schardbrodt and Y Shanneik (eds.) Shi'a Minorities in the Contemporary World. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 

Degli Esposti, E and A Scott-Baumann (2019) 'Fighting for "Justice", Engaging the Other: Shi'a Muslim Activism on the British University Campus.' Religions 10(3): 189. 

Degli Esposti, E (2019) 'Fragmented Realities: The "Sectarianisation" of Space Among Iraqi Shias in London.' Contemporary Islam 13: 259-285. 

Degli Esposti, E (2018) 'The Aesthetics of Ritual – Contested Identities and Conflicting Performances in the Iraqi Shi'a Diaspora: Ritual, Performance and Identity Change.' Politics 38(1): 68-83. (Awarded the ISSR Best Student Paper Award 2019). 

Degli Esposti, E (2013) 'Private Lives, Public Voices: Weblogs, Politics and the Public Sphere in Iran.' McGill Journal of Middle East Studies XIV: 96-116. 

Degli Esposti, E (2013) 'Contested Spaces: Resistance and the (Female) Body in the Arab Spring.' McGill Journal of Middle East Studies XIV: 75-96. 

Degli Esposti, E 'Islam's Other Face: Shi'a Muslims in Britain and the Threat of Sectarianism,' Pinpoint Politics (2013). 

Degli Esposti, E (2012) 'The Plight of Egypt's Forgotten Shi'a Minority.' New Statesman

Degli Esposti, E (2011) 'Shi'a Islam: A Timeline,' New Statesman.

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