Dr Daniel Staetsky

Affiliated Researcher


Dr Daniel Staetsky is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR). He specialises in Jewish, Middle Eastern and European demography and social statistics. His particular interests are long-standing demographic puzzles (such as, very low Jewish mortality, very high Arab fertility and converging and diverging patterns of European mortality-to name just a few). In addition, he is an expert in surveying hard-to-reach religious and ethnic minorities and attitudes toward minorities in general population. in He is a former researcher and analyst at the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel and at RAND Europe. He holds a PhD in social statistics from the University of Southampton, an MA in demography and a BA in Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work in demography has been widely published, and includes most recently: Are Jews leaving Europe? (JPR, 2017); The rise and rise of Jewish schools in the United Kingdom: Numbers, trends and policy issues (JPR, 2016); Strictly Orthodox rising: What the demography of British Jews tells us about the future of the community (JPR, 2015); and Jewish mortality reconsidered (Journal of Biosocial Science, 2015).

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