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David Perry

Woolf Media Consultant & Producer


After taking first class honours in English at the University of Cambridge, he travelled down the Nile to East Africa to explore aural literary traditions and then worked in Paris before joining the BBC where he produced documentaries for TV and Radio. His Prix Italia nominated feature Harlem Speaks was followed by a 52-part history of jazz music for Radio 3 and the book Jazz Greats for Phaidon Press. There followed a Sony Radio Gold Award for his programme Landscape of Fear about the fate of artists under the occupation of France in WWII.

David's programme Sins of the Father brought together for the first time, late in life, Hilde Speer, daughter of Albert Speer and Miriam Finkelstein a sometime inmate of Buchenwald, who by extraordinary coincidence had both been fostered, but at different times, by the same Quaker family in New York State in the years after WWII.

David has produced the current Woolf Institute podcast series An A-Z of Believing and the ongoing discussion series Encounter in which he also participates as a panel member. He is developing ideas for a follow up to A - Z and for more short films of the type made with the Kol Echad choir and the Pontanima choir.

Most recently, David produced the BBC Radio 4 documentary, We do do God which was broadcast in April 2019 with a Sunday repeat. We are currently talking to the commissioner about a couple of follow-up ideas for the network. And we are producing four podcasts examining themes that we could only touch on in the broadcast: Of Courts and Creeds; Golden Age Thinking; Mission; and Engagement.

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