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Alexander Chantziantoniou

Honorary PhD Scholar, Woolf Institute

PhD Scholar, Downing College, Cambridge


Alexander Chantziantoniou is the recipient of the Kirby Laing Studentship in New Testament Studies 2019/20, which funds his PhD at Downing College, Cambridge, in the Faculty of Divinity. As of October 2019, he is an Honorary PhD Scholar at the Woolf Institute.

Before beginning his PhD at the University of Cambridge, Alexander earned a BA (Hons) in Christian Studies and a MA in New Testament, during the course of which he worked at Regent College, Vancouver, as the teaching and/or research assistant of world-leading biblical scholars over a total of 20 graduate courses.

Alexander's doctoral research is supervised by Dr Simon Gathercole and focuses on the construction/deconstruction of religious identity in multiethnic communities, with special reference to the relation between Jews, Christians, and 'pagans' in the first two centuries of the Common Era. He is particularly interested in the theoretical framework and social function of intra-religious polemics against 'idolatry' as a way of demarcating community identity, and he aims to trace the contribution of such polemics to the social and ideological development of religion itself in Graeco-Roman civilisation, especially as it relates to systemic shifts in ancestral customs and ideology.

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