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Dr Abigail Wood

Visiting Fellow


Dr Abigail Wood joined the Institute as the Sir Mick and Lady Barbara Davis Visiting Fellow from January to March 2019.

Abigail is an ethnomusicologist, senior lecturer in the Music Department, School of Arts, University of Haifa, and co-editor of Ethnomusicology Forum. She undertook PhD studies focusing on contemporary Yiddish song in the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, under Ruth Davis. Before moving to Haifa, she was Joe Loss Lecturer in Jewish Music at SOAS, University of London.

She currently leads, with Taiseer Elias, a research project entitled From Henna to the Honeymoon: Creative Practice among Palestinian Arab Wedding Musicians in Northern Israel, funded by the Israel Science Foundation. This project explores the dynamic musical and social practices encapsulated in wedding performances, and sheds light on how transnational flows continue to shape the experience and imagination of musical borderlands in the region.

Her wider research focuses primarily on musical life in contemporary urban spaces, from new Jewish musics to the soundscapes of conflict, migration and pilgrimage in Jerusalem's Old City. She is also co-organiser of the 'Caravan Orchestra', a musical exchange project for young musicians from Haifa and Weimar that seeks to reopen lost connections between klezmer, Arab musics and cognate European repertories.



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