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We hope that you and yours are keeping safe and well in these difficult times. 

Here at the Woolf Institute, our week begins with our team meeting and 15-20 smiling faces, depending on how many of our graduate and Erasmus students can join us, dialing in from around the world reporting on their work.  Some highlights are that Sam, in Montreal, is working with Tara and Emma, in Cambridge, guiding 87 students from 19 countries through our Religion Is…. online course.  The course has been offered free of charge for the first time in response to the lockdown conditions that many people are experiencing, to bring them together with participants around the world to learn more about religion and how it affects our lives, interactions and society today.

Alissa, in Israel, is collaborating with Miriam in the UK to establish the Woolf online research seminars (details on the latest webinars and how to sign up are on our events page).  How have people of different faiths marked Easter, Passover and Ramadan this year in light of international shutdowns and social distancing? What happens to gender segregation in the online mosque or synagogue where we are all tiles in a gallery of faces? Helen and John are keeping donors and supporters informed and continue to fundraise where possible for current and future initiatives. Ed is working with David, Tara and Claire to produce Naked Reflections podcasts, special blogs and the COVID-19 Chronicles.

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