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Alongside fully funding some of our Masters students and PhD researchers, who take their degrees with the University of Cambridge, we also waive the fees for some students on our online courses, which have a world-wide reach. The individuals who have benefited from an education at the Woolf Institute go on to foster dialogue between people of different faiths in their own communities and work. Thus, donations supporting our researchers and students not only allow us to continue our research into interfaith living and society, they also have benefits far beyond the Institute itself.

You can decide exactly which part of the Institute’s work you wish to support and how much and how often you want to give. Your donation will go directly towards improving relations between religion and society through research and education. Your gift is hugely valuable to us, which is why we will keep you informed and involved with our work, sending you updates and inviting you to events.

Regular donations allow us to plan ahead, making your contribution to our work more effective. Such is the collective power of regular donations that we could finance a full PhD scholarship in perpetuity in just three years’ time, if everyone who received this letter donated just £20 a month. Just two pledges of £200 a quarter would allow us to pay for a student’s non-rental living costs while in Cambridge. One annual donation of £2,000 would allow four people to take our Online Course at no cost to them.

Our students will appreciate you putting thought into making a donation and be very grateful for every gift you make. Using the knowledge they gained in their studies, they will go on to make positive contributions to the communities in which they live and work, multiplying the impact of your gift.

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The MPhil course was intellectually rigorous and stimulating. I could not have asked for more dedicated instructors; they willingly took on the extra role of mentor, helping me feel almost immediately at home in this new intellectual community. Their guidance and recommendations helped launch my career spectacularly.

Madeleine Ary, MPhil Alumna (Programmes Director, Tracks of Peace)

My research projects examined the impact of immigration on the politics of community life across European societies, and new directions for interfaith engagement in London, Doha, and Delhi. Cumberland Lodge, my new employer, which promotes more peaceful and inclusive societies, and the Woolf Institute are exploring avenues for further collaboration on research and outreach projects.

Jan-Jonathan Bock, Researcher Alumnus (Programme Director, Cumberland Lodge)

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