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The Woolf Institute welcomes gifts to support scholarships and bursaries for its PhD, MPhil, sabbatical and online students (see below). Gifts of all sizes make a very real difference and you may choose to give for current expenditure or towards endowment for student support. Gifts may be made online by credit or debit card, by GBP cheque to Development Office, Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0UB, or contact to discuss other payment methods. More information can also be seen on our donate page about increasing the value of your donation with gift aid and donor recognition.

PhD & MPhil scholarships

PhD and MPhil students are an essential part of the Woolf Institute's research, teaching and outreach activities and contribute significantly to the its academic life. They contribute to research projects, to teaching on the Institute's courses for Cambridge Theological Federation students, to teaching and moderating Woolf Institute online courses and in organising academic panels, seminars and meetings. In doing this they advance their knowledge in their field of research, test their developing theses and develop valuable and transferable skills in teaching, creating teaching materials and academic event organising.

Studying and researching for an MPhil is an important stepping stone to PhD research, or into a career that requires the language, analytical, research and writing skills developed by such a course of study. As a course with both taught and research elements, it attracts a slightly higher annual fee than for a PhD, but is completed within a single year. Full MPhil scholarships for UK/EU students cost the Institute £29,000 per annum and £50,000 for overseas students. Each PhD scholarship costs the Institute £26,000 per annum for UK/EU students and £50,000 per annum for overseas students (it should be noted that figures for EU students may change as a result of Britain leaving the EU).

The Woolf Institute receives generous matching funds from the Cambridge Trusts for the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarships. Your gift in support of the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarships will help to release this funding.

Online course bursaries

The Woolf Institute's teaching extends to online courses which are open to participants from around the world. These address various aspects of relations between the Abrahamic faiths, interactions with those of other faiths or none and how such interactions contribute to society and politics in the twenty-first century. Fees range from £275-£465 and courses run for 10-12 weeks (fuller details for each course can be seen on the online courses pages). Students at some US universities may obtain credits towards their graduate degrees if they successfully complete Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish Muslim Encounter, which the Woolf Institute co-runs with the School of International Service at the American University in Washington. Many online course participants need financial assistance with their course fees.

Minister of Religion sabbatical support

Ministers of Religion may be given sabbatical periods from their ministry to undertake a period of study and reflection. They may come to Cambridge for a term, or they may learn from their home area and visit Cambridge weekly for lectures and seminars, use of the library and supervision. However, many require additional funds to do this. The Institute would like to fund both residential and visiting sabbatical support. Each residential sabbatical award would be £8,400 per term (three months), including a contribution to the minister's travel to and accommodation costs in Cambridge and access to the Woolf Institute library, teaching, supervision, seminars and relevant events. This could be permanently endowed for a capital sum of £210,000, assuming an annual draw down of 4% with any investment returns above this amount added back to the endowment capital to protect the cash value of the 4% against inflation. Visiting sabbatical awards would be made on a similar basis, but without a contribution to accommodation costs, for up to £4,200 per term (three months) and could be permanently endowed for a capital sum of £105,000.

Graduate student bursaries

Masters and doctoral students with partial funding towards their fees and living costs sometimes struggle to make up the shortfall with paid work and undertaking that paid work can have a negative impact on their academic performance. The Woolf Institute would like to help its students who find themselves in financial difficulty so that they can complete their studies and achieve their academic potential. The Institute would like to make up to three awards of £5,000 per annum to students in financial need. Each award would cost £125,000 to permanently endow.