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Support conferences, workshops, exhibitions and events

Events are a key part of sharing the Woolf Institute's work, findings and ethos with society, moving us further towards a world in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement can overcome prejudice and intolerance.

Gifts of all sizes make a very real difference and you may choose to give for current expenditure or towards endowment for student support. Gifts may be made online by credit or debit card, by GBP cheque to Development Office, Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0UB, or contact to discuss other payment methods. More information can also be seen on our donate page about increasing the value of your donation with gift aid and donor recognition.

Launch Year programme

During the Woolf Institute's first year in its new home (academic year 2017/18), there will be a programme of events, including termly lectures, musical events, conferences and workshops. We are seeking sponsorship for different elements of the programme, ranging from £600 for the Woolf Institute Research Day, to £3,000 for a concert or towards a conference, to £20,000 for the new building's official opening.

The programme includes the official opening and celebration dinner, the first in our series of exhibitions, music evenings, our lecture series, the first annual Woolf Institute Research Day, conferences and workshops. Wherever possible and appropriate, events are shared on online, via live streaming, vlogs or blogs. Highlights of the launch year programme are below.

To make a gift in support of the Woolf Institute's events programme and so help its work to reach a wider audience, please use our online gift form. Gifts may be made online by credit or debit card, by GBP cheque to Development Office, Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0UB, or contact to discuss other payment methods. More information can also be seen on our donate page about increasing the value of your donation with gift aid and donor recognition.


The Woolf Institute aims to host two exhibitions in its launch year, with a third following shortly afterwards, the first of which, 'Islam in Europe' by Ahmed Krausen seeks to present photographic images of the many faces of Islam in Europe, represented in society in different ways, including architecture, people and art. After its inauguration at the Woolf Institute, this exhibition will then travel through Britain. Up to fifteen pieces will be displayed throughout the building from early in Michaelmas term until April 2018. The Institute will offer tours of the artwork periodically and the art will be available to see during normal working hours in the public areas of the Institute. The exhibition will open with a private view, tours will be given during the Woolf Institute Research day and a leaflet will be available for those who wish to take a self-guided tour and as a memento of the works.

The Institute intends that the second exhibition will feature synagogues around the world and the third churches around the world. Discussions regarding the synagogue exhibition are underway with Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv.

Music Evenings

Through a series of musical events during the opening year, the Woolf Institute aims to raise awareness of some of the most celebrated Jewish cultural centres under Islam. The aim is to bring down some common clichés popularly associated to 'Jewish music' and emphasise the diversity of Jewish cultural encounters with Islam. The intention is to help develop towards a more nuanced understanding of the borrowings and departures that shaped the Jewish music of Iraq, Thessaloniki or medieval Spain, and depart from the broad-brush view that tends to be conveyed of all music produced under Islam. The Institute's first evening concert will feature a London-based group of Jewish musicians called Rivers of Babylon to raise awareness about the beautiful musical culture of the Iraqi Jewish diaspora. The second musical event of the launch year will feature the acclaimed Pontanima interfaith choir from Sarajevo and the third, Yair Dalal, an Israeli musician of Iraqi-Jewish descent. Both the Pontanima choir and Yair Dalal's concerts will form part of the wider Living in Harmony research project.

Lecture series

The 2017/18 Woolf Institute Lectures will be given termly by leading speakers including Professor Robert Tombs (Faculty of History and St John's College, Cambridge) and Baron (Rowan) Williams of Oystermouth (Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury).

Short-film night

The Woolf Institute will host a Short Film Night to showcase work addressing interfaith issues.

Collaborative events with Cambridge Muslim College

During the year, the Woolf Institute will co-host an event with colleagues at Cambridge Muslim College.

Woolf Institute Research Day

The Woolf Institute Research Day will showcase the research of staff and students at the Woolf Institute. Speakers will give an introduction to themselves and their work, with an opportunity for questions from the audience. The day will give staff, students, supporters and faith community members the opportunity to learn more about the Woolf Institute's research and how it can be translated into policy and actions to benefit society. To endow the Woolf Institute Research Day annually for 40 participants would require a sum of £30,000.

Woolf Institute Research Seminars

The Woolf Institute Research Seminars will take place in Lent and Easter terms in 2017/18, with the longer Woolf Institute Research Day in Michaelmas. These seminars provide a place for research students and academics to test concepts that they are developing with a constructively critical audience from a range of disciplines who can suggest additional avenues of work, point participants to other helpful work in the same or other fields and critique the methods, premises and presentation of the research and its findings. Each seminar is attended by around 20 participants.

To endow three Woolf Institute Research seminars annually would require a capital sum of £10,000.


Our Visiting Fellow will present a workshop on his/her work. Details will be posted in due course.

Talk on Trust and Europe's Crisis of Representation. 7/8 December 2017

Across Europe, the economic and political realities established in the wake of the Second World Wart have come under strain. Brexit, anti-migration sentiment, and new nationalisms interrupt trajectories towards an ever more integrated, liberal, multicultural, and border-free Europe. Trust, the lack of trust, and untrustworthiness are offered as explanations by politicians and observers to explain fear, anti-establishment populism, and the rejection of cultural difference. This conference asks: why is there so much talk about trust and what does it reveal about our political condition? What work is performed by discourses on trust, distrust, and the absence of trust in debates about disenchantment and crisis? This conference will bring together scholars working in different areas - citizenship, emerging nationalisms, cultural diversity, minority activism, and new economic forms - to investigate the ubiquity of talk on trust and its implications for understanding the changing political, economic, and cultural landscape in Europe.

Conference Fund

The Woolf Institute is seeking gifts to its conference fund. The long-term aim is to have an endowment of £500,000 producing an annual income of £20,000 per annum, which will be used to fund 2-3 significant conferences or workshops each year in key areas of interest to the Woolf Institute.