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Support conferences, workshops, exhibitions and events

Events are a key part of sharing the Woolf Institute's work, findings and ethos with society, moving us further towards a world in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement can overcome prejudice and intolerance.

Gifts of all sizes make a very real difference and you may choose to give for current expenditure or towards endowment for student support. Gifts may be made online by credit or debit card, by GBP cheque to Development Office, Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0UB, or contact to discuss other payment methods. More information can also be seen on our donate page about increasing the value of your donation with gift aid and donor recognition.

See what events are coming up and which successful ones we have put on in the past.


The Woolf Institute is much frequented by students, staff and academics from across Cambridge and further afield. It is, however, also visited by the public, which is an ideal opportunity to use the beautiful spaces we have for exhibitions that underline our mission. For example, a past exhibition showcased the fascinating vernacular architecture of Mosques across Europe, with a heavy emphasis on those that incorporate local artistic styles and building customs.

Sponsoring our changing exhibition is an opportunity to support the Institute in an accessible and artistic way, reaching beyond academia.

Music Events

Both in Cambridge and London the Woolf Institute has hosted a series of very popular concerts across the past twenty years, including world-famous pianists and little-known interpreters crossing boundaries of faith with their performances.

Recently the Institute has had concerts highlighting the musical culture of the Jewish diaspora in Iraq and combined a performance of the Pontanima interfaith choir from Sarajevo with lectures by a survivor of the Srebrenica Genocide. We continue staging similar profound and highly enjoyable concerts. Supporting our musical events, some in conjunction with academic commentary, others out of the joy of sharing music, can be very rewarding.

Lecture series

We host lectures by royalty, senior faith leaders, top academics, eyewitnesses, politicians and many more. Each term a leading individual in their field is invited as a key-note speaker to an event open to the public. Sponsoring such an event is an ideal opportunity to meet some of the most influential people in the inter-faith world personally and offer other the opportunity to interact with them publicly.

Short-film night

The Woolf Institute has a series of occasional Short Film Nights to showcase work addressing interfaith issues. These informal occasions are very popular offering insight into a wide range of genres. Check out our events page to find out more about our next film night.

Collaborative events with Cambridge Muslim College

We host many of our events in collaboration with other institutions and universities across the UK and the world. Locally, we work together with the Cambridge Muslim College and the Cambridge Theological Federation, among many others.

Woolf Institute Research Day

The Woolf Institute Research Day will showcase the research of staff and students at the Woolf Institute. Speakers will give an introduction to themselves and their work, with an opportunity for questions from the audience. The day will give staff, students, supporters and faith community members the opportunity to learn more about the Woolf Institute's research and how it can be translated into policy and actions to benefit society. To endow the Woolf Institute Research Day annually for 40 participants would require a sum of £30,000.

Woolf Institute Research Seminars

The Woolf Institute Research Seminars take place in the Lent and Easter terms, the longer Woolf Institute Research Day taking place in Michaelmas. These seminars provide a place for research students and academics to test concepts that they are developing on a constructively critical audience. Exposing research to people from a range of disciplines allows academics to open up new avenues of exploration, enrich their findings and make valuable contacts. Seminars are usually attended by around 20 participants.

Seminars are a fantastic opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Endowing two Woolf Institute Research seminars annually would require a capital sum of £10,000 and give senior academics and students a change to discuss pressing issues in detail.


There are a range of workshops held at the Woolf Institute, reflecting the wide range of topics and disciplines represented in our research. Visiting Fellows are asked to present and arrange a workshop on their area of expertise. These intense sessions allow highly specialised individuals to immerse themselves in the controversial issues in their field.

Conference Fund

The Woolf Institute is seeking gifts to its conference fund. The long-term aim is to have an endowment of £500,000 producing an annual income of £20,000 per annum, which will be used to fund 2-3 significant conferences or workshops each year in key areas of interest to the Woolf Institute.

Find more information on our conferences can be found on our dedicated page.