Religious Diversity in End of Life Care Training Programme


We provide training for nurses, chaplains, doctors, other healthcare professionals and volunteers who care for the dying in hospices, hospitals and care homes. The programme's aim is to empower clinical and non-clinical staff to enhance the quality and impact of the care they provide to patients and relatives. By undertaking training, they can become more knowledgeable and confident offering care, empathy and compassion to Muslim, Jewish, and Christian patients who are approaching the end of life; this is achieved by staff better understanding the religious, social and cultural practices that surround death and dying.

We have delivered training in person and online to hundreds of practitioners at Barts Health NHS Trust, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, Royal Free Hospital, the Marie Curie Hospice (Hampstead), Compton Hospice (Wolverhampton), St Benedict's Hospice (Sunderland), St Oswald's Hospice (Newcastle), Strathcarron Hospice (Scotland), Highland Hospice (Scotland), TLC Care Homes (Cambridge), Dorothy House (Wiltshire), and Oxford University Hospitals.

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Feedback from training participants:

"The topics covered were essential to my role. This training gave me the confidence to not be afraid to support others: Jews, Christians and Muslims."

"All staff should attend, as all have to deal with one or more of these scenarios at some point in their working lives."

"The training gave some insight as to how we could possibly deal with certain scenarios in a way that would provide emotional support to the patient and/or relatives." "Vital for all in this area (clinically and geographically)."