Living in Harmony Programme

The Living in Harmony programme is generously funded by the KC Shasha Charitable Foundation and Dangoor Education. It is a continuation of a Woolf Institute research project, which considered how various faith communities lived together for centuries in the Middle East, fostering and facilitating the borrowing, adapting and integrating of traditions into a shared local culture. It explored how, in diaspora, cultural sharing carries on through the various community groups coming out of Syria and Iraq. This transmission and influence is what the Living in Harmony project investigated, with a particular emphasis on the cultural domain of music.

Living in Harmony offerings for Schools

The Living in Harmony project is an interactive session designed for secondary schools which introduces the importance of relations between Jews and Muslims through exploring how multiculturalism and music created a sense of communal belonging in the past and may continue to create a sense of commonality among various faith and non-faith communities in Britain today.

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Living in Harmony Podcast Series


In the Living in Harmony podcast series,researcher Dunya Habash considers the role of music in religious practice and interreligious encounter across the Middle East. Join her as she continues her journey across the Middle East through song and sound.

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