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#WoolfWatch Week Two

Published March 30, 2020 by Tara Zammit

As we are now working or staying at home during this time of isolation and social distancing, we thought it would be nice to share a list of some of our home entertainment recommendations. We are calling this new series #WoolfWatch. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates in the coming weeks and welcome to Week Two!

We send our best wishes to you all at this time and hope you enjoy our series.


How have you been spending your time while social distancing so far? Have you been binge-watching series on your favourite platforms? Many of our team recently watched the hit Netflix series Messiah and in this video, Dr Ed Kessler MBE and Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner review it for you! And yes, this is a *spoiler alert*.


From the series Naked Reflections, this week we recommend 'Glass Half Full'. Chaired by Dr Ed Kessler MBE and featuring Dr Emanuelle Degli Esposti, Dr Kitty O'Lone and Alissa Symon, this episode explores the idea of optimism from different angles. We investigate this subject through the lenses of Emanuelle's research on Shia communities, Kitty's background in social psychology and Alissa's work as one of the Jewish chaplains at the University of Cambridge. For example, what are the mental health benefits associated with being an optimist? Listen here to find out! Make sure to subscribe to Naked Reflections for more weekly episodes.


'What is the role of formal Evangelical/Muslim theological discussion in laying the groundwork for the possibility of interreligious friendships?'

Until recently, Samuel Victor was completing fieldwork in Nashville, Tennessee. Sam, one of our PhD scholars, has been working with an evangelical church community, both in-person and now remotely, who have been seeking ways to navigate complex relationships and connect with their Muslim neighbours. You can read Sam's reflections here and our other blogs here. Have an idea for a blog of your own? Email with your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you.


At the Woolf Institute, our researchers are busy working on a wide variety of projects covering different centuries, landscapes, beliefs, languages and cultures. In this video, Dr Ed Kessler MBE and Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner walk you through one of our exhibitions from last year which contains images selected to encapsulate the diverse research projects being undertaken by Woolf researchers. Keep up-to-date with our research here.

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