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#WoolfWatch Week Eighteen

Published July 22, 2020 by Tara Zammit

As we are now working or staying at home during this time of isolation and social distancing, we thought it would be nice to share a list of some of our home entertainment recommendations. We are calling this new series #WoolfWatch. Make sure to follow Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates in the coming weeks and welcome to Week Eighteen!


This week's Video recommendation features Naked Reflections podcast contributor and PhD student Danielle Padley discussing the Hebrew choir Kol Echad. Kol Echad performs Jewish music composed by Anglican musician Charles Garland Verrinder, Organist of the West London Synagogue 1859-1904. Danielle, the Choir's director, explains the fascinating story behind Verrinder and his compositions. This film was commissioned as part of the Woolf Institute's "Living in Harmony" project: examining diasporic Jewish and Muslim communities through musical encounter and memory.


An A-Z of Believing: from Atheism to Zealotry presented by Dr Ed Kessler is a 26-week crash course on religion and society and it's also this week's Podcast recommendation. What makes the beauty of ritual so attractive? Do Abrahamic religions teach karma? How do people from different faiths have constructive conversation? All episodes are available to listen to here.


'Those of us touched by the angel of interfaith dialogue serve as teachers and scholars; to educate and preserve the lives of this and the next generation so that they are better informed to pursue the tolerance and dignity, which this world so urgently needs.' - Dr Ed Kessler

In this week's Blog recommendation, we go back to February 2018 with Dr Ed Kessler reflecting on the importance of and the urgent need for dialogue and mutual understanding. You can read 'Less Noise, More Hope' here. Interested in writing a blog of your own? Email with your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you.


In September 2013, the Woolf Institute convened an independent commission to undertake over a two-year period the first systematic review of the role of religion and belief in the UK today and to make policy recommendations. This project, Living With Difference: Report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life, is available for download from our website and you can learn more in the video here.

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