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Published May 01, 2015

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To sponsor one of our runners, do visit the Woolf Institute's JustGiving page: or click on the individual names below.

Many thanks for supporting the Woolf Institute.

Emma Harris:

Over the years, the Woolf Institute has been successful in raising funds for its academic teaching and public education programmes but the Institute is flourishing and expanding, the number of students is rising. We provide bursaries to help support students from all over the world to engage in interfaith studies. I am passionate about lifelong learning and providing opportunities for everyone to study. Our bursary scheme is vital in ensuring that financial hardship is not a barrier to anyone who wants to engage in interfaith study. I will be taking part in the Vitality British 10k London Run to raise money for the Woolf Institute student bursary scheme.

And also… my friends know that I prefer to watch sport (specifically football) rather than participate! However, a great cause demands action and I am delighted to be able to take part in the run to raise vital funds!

Chloe Leaper:

It seems to me that many of humanities problems centre around notions of injustice and intolerance. Religious misunderstanding and religious hatred continue to elicit widespread pain and suffering; which is why I think the work of the Woolf Institute is so important. As a teacher I understand how important education is to informing and engaging with these issues of difference and tolerance, so I'm more than happy to be taking part in the British 10k run to raise money for Woolf Institute student bursaries next year. Hopefully, my fundraising can help to make a difference in the education of a Woolf student – and maybe they will help to make a positive difference in the world.

Also, the Institute feels like family to me, and my husband – Matt Teather – can't do the run himself, and persuaded me to do it instead by promising me several Krispy Kreme donuts at the end of the race!

Sami Everett:

As a researcher of North African and French ethno-religious plurality, forgotten or submerged by more sectarian affiliations, I find that the Woolf Institute provides a safe space for dangerous, critical, and cutting edge research and outreach endeavours to listen to voices of empathy, to understand where trust lies between groups, and to discover spaces of intercultural exchange. In addition to the Institute's vitally necessary ethnical prerogative, on a more personal note I feel that raising funds for Woolf Institute student bursaries helps towards filling a vital function of academia: crossing socio-economic and geographic divides. In this instance all donations will be channelled into providing junior scholars of great promise with the intellectual space and resources to  undertake doctoral research, to grow as individuals, and to disseminate important but not often heard perspectives relating to the Woolf Institute core research foci.

Austin Tiffany:

Working alongside the Woolf Institute has been one of the greatest honours I have had during my time in Cambridge. Although I officially study through the Department of Sociology, my interests and passions are manifested here at the Institute through a number of their projects, including the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life. Not only does the Institute challenge me intellectually, it provides the means to transfer those thoughts into practical application. While we each have desks in the office, our real desks are among people outside of the building - listening to others and prompting difficult discussions about religion and belief that ultimately strives to make this world a better, and more understanding place to live in.

Beyond the intellectual and the practical, I am most grateful for the Institute's bursary scheme, without which I myself would not be able to study at Cambridge. As a recipient, I understand the importance and necessity of this for students like myself. This bursary helps alleviate the stress of finances so I can more fully focus on my studies, while at the same time keeping me out of debt. That is a gift that goes far beyond any monetary value. I am running in this race because I want others to have not only the tremendous opportunity to engage with the Institute, but to also pursue their passions unbridled by financial concerns. To do that, I need your help!

Here's to hoping that rowing works the same muscles as running!

John Lyon CB:

As the newest member of the team, you might think it would be wise to learn to walk for the Institute before trying to run. But the work of the Institute is so important and the people involved with it so exceptional that I was delighted to have the opportunity to support the work in this way. And I hope you will agree. Fortunately on this occasion payment is not by results, so you can be sure that any sponsorship money which you donate – to me or any other member of the team – will go straight into supporting the work of the Institute. After a very short time here I have been impressed with the quality of what is being achieved – in research, teaching and training. But every time I open a newspaper I am reminded of how much more there is to do and how much more the Institute could contribute. Your donation and the Institute's expertise and commitment will make a real difference to furthering inter-faith understanding and connection.

Ed Kessler MBE:

I am heartened by the enthusiasm, commitment and determination amongst the Woolf Institute staff, and given how passionately they throw themselves into all of our activities – even 10k runs! – it is my great pleasure to work, and run with them!

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