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Research Day Spring 2022 at the House of Lords

As we set off in the minibus for the House of Lords and our annual Research Evening on May 12 there was a feeling of expectation and excitement. By the time we boarded the bus to… Continue reading

Research Day Archive

The Turkish Jewish communityVictorian Synagogue musicDiversity and Politics in New Religious LeadershipCommunity Networks and Integration of Jewish Post-colonial Migrants in… Continue reading

The Woolf, Westminster and the Genizah: Interreligious Research, Evolution and Sensitivity

Interreligious research of any kind is fundamentally dialogical: its object is in and analysed through communication between two or more religious traditions, groups or persons.… Continue reading

My PhD Journey: Year 3

For most people at the Woolf Institute, the past year has been one of ends and new beginnings. Throughout the academic year, a sense of excitement and expectation has been slowly… Continue reading

On Resilience

Resilience is everywhere. As the winter months surrender to the warmth and light of spring, sharp bursts of blossom, crescendos of birdsong, and the gradual rejuvenation of… Continue reading

The ‘Inter’ of Interfaith Initiatives: reflections on Delhi

I have just spent a week in Delhi on a cross continental research project examining the impact of interfaith initiatives (in London, Delhi and Doha). I stayed at the India… Continue reading

The Seeds of Interfaith

John Fahy is a Junior Research Fellow at the Woolf Institute. Based in Qatar, he is part of the Assessing the Effectiveness of Interfaith Initiatives (AEIFI) Project, a QNRF… Continue reading

Cartoons Against Fear

Finn Schulze-Feldmann explains the work of Bildkorrektur: a design collective combatting fear and prejudice in contemporary Germany. 'Fear not' – the first words spoken by the… Continue reading

Transitanti Migrants and Paradoxical Statehood in Italy

Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock examines paradoxes of the Italian state, which treats certain African migrants as if they were inexistent, delegating responsibility for their wellbeing to… Continue reading

From Panegyric to Polemic

Premodern Islamic states empowered countless Christian and Jewish officials, who drew reactions ranging from fulsome praise to virulent polemic from their Muslim peers. Here Dr… Continue reading

A Summer of Learning

Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner discusses conference culture and the importance of regular gatherings among scholars. Going to conferences in the summer can be a bit like a travelling… Continue reading

Language and Identity

Language provides us with identity. The way we speak gives clues to our age, our social standing, and our educational background. Most of us are able to talk in a variety of… Continue reading

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