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Rose Castle: A Landmark of Peace & Reconciliation

Georgia May shares the vision of The Rose Castle Foundation, an international reconciliation centre based at Rose Castle, Cumbria, that serves to deepen understanding of different… Continue reading

Journey into the Spiritual Dimensions of End of Life Care

My personal journey of discovery into the field began a few months ago, with a visit to a children's hospice in Cambridge. I anticipated some personal difficulties with the visit:… Continue reading

On Resilience

Resilience is everywhere. As the winter months surrender to the warmth and light of spring, sharp bursts of blossom, crescendos of birdsong, and the gradual rejuvenation of… Continue reading

Modern Challenges & Religious Education

It is rare that one has a decent opportunity to step back from one's work and really reflect properly on what one does as a teacher. As each new term approaches I have too often… Continue reading

Moses as a Model for Effective Leadership

Just as leadership is essential for effective management, successful management depends on effective leadership. While each role is important to the proper functioning of any… Continue reading

Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory

Artist Laurie Wohl reflects on the inspiration/aspiration for her project "Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory" I am an unweaver. My Unweavings® fiber art pieces – using… Continue reading

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