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Is Prague the Least Religious City in the World?

If you stand at the top of Petřin Hill in Prague, you will be astounded by the striking beauty of the city. From here, the river weaves before you dividing this ancient settlement… Continue reading

In Memory of Medieval Spain

Christian Kusi-Obodum reflects on the experience of the long coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims in medieval Spain, and how this can be a source of inspiration for those… Continue reading

Kingship in the Land

Looking from afar, you might not think to associate the city of Jerusalem with royalty. Yet kingship is vital to Jerusalem's past. In 2015 an Israeli archaeologist tracked down… Continue reading

My PhD Journey: Year 3

For most people at the Woolf Institute, the past year has been one of ends and new beginnings. Throughout the academic year, a sense of excitement and expectation has been slowly… Continue reading

Interning for Obama

Days after completing my master's thesis at Cambridge, I flew from my home in Los Angeles to Washington DC to begin interning at the White House. Though interns are not allowed in… Continue reading

Denial: An Interview with Sir Richard Evans

Imagine having to explain to someone that the Holocaust happened. For Richard Evans this conversation lasted for over 28 days when he was cross-examined by holocaust denier David… Continue reading

From Heartbreak to Hope: Renewing a Legacy of Muslim-Jewish Solidarity

Remona Aly reflects on the Missing Pages of shared humanity: I can never forget the first moment I felt my heart breaking. I was at school, reading through a textbook when I… Continue reading

Why Remember the Holocaust?

It is 2017 and I am preparing our seventeenth Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). This is for the Cambridge City Council who generously support what is a major civic event. We usually… Continue reading

Remembering the Holocaust - as a Christian

Dr. Andy Tix uses this International Holocaust Remembrance Day to reflect on his Christian faith in light of the difficult history of Christian involvement in the Holocaust.… Continue reading

My Personal Brexit

Woolf Alumna Aga Cahn reflects on her experience of the Referendum and its aftermath. On 23 June 2016, when the British government held the "EU Referendum", I was in Poland. I… Continue reading

From Panegyric to Polemic

Premodern Islamic states empowered countless Christian and Jewish officials, who drew reactions ranging from fulsome praise to virulent polemic from their Muslim peers. Here Dr… Continue reading

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