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The Politics of Interfaith Love in India

On 2 May, a Muslim farmer, Gulam Mohammad, was lynched near a mango orchard in the small village of Sohi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. His alleged murderers, from the… Continue reading

Children's Spirituality and the 99 Names of God

What if teachers of RE had resources that viewed religions holistically and used holistic methods to explore them? Resources, for example, that nurture reason alongside an… Continue reading

Reflections from the National Holocaust Centre

"It was 1939 and a cold night in Eastern Poland, when the Russian forces came. Mama rushed into my room, told me to get my jacket and then just run. And we ran and ran …… Continue reading

When Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve...

The solar Gregorian calendar determines the timing of Christmas, while both the sun and moon guide the Jewish calendar. As a result, each year interfaith families must negotiate… Continue reading

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