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Research Day Spring 2022 at the House of Lords

As we set off in the minibus for the House of Lords and our annual Research Evening on May 12 there was a feeling of expectation and excitement. By the time we boarded the bus to… Continue reading

Diversity of faith is our birthright – a modern British perspective

Religion means different things to everyone. To some, it is everything – their moral code, their legislative authority, their emotional support mechanism. To others, it is simply… Continue reading

Lessons from the Past: How Interfaith Work Can Benefit from Historical Research

An indigenous community of Jews has lived in Egypt for thousands of years. The Islamic Golden Age allowed greater freedom for religious and ethnic minorities, and as a result the… Continue reading

Breaking a Difficult Silence: Memories of Srebrenica

Nedžad Avdić is a survivor of the Srebrenica genocide, only one of the handful of those who survived mass executions in July 1995. This is his story about how his experiences… Continue reading

Visiting the Mosque: What Happens When Parents Object

The Reverend Dr Tom Wilson is director of the St Philip's Centre in Leicester, which provides training and consultancy on interfaith and multifaith issues for a wide range of… Continue reading

Why Sometimes You Just Need to Keep Going

The Myth of Sisyphus teaches us a lesson about religious leaders involved in interreligious engagement and activism. In the myth, King Sisyphus of Ephyra spent each day pushing a… Continue reading

My PhD Journey: Year 3

For most people at the Woolf Institute, the past year has been one of ends and new beginnings. Throughout the academic year, a sense of excitement and expectation has been slowly… Continue reading

Confronting Jihadism with Interfaith Education

Woolf Institute Alumnus Rev Martin Olando has recently co-authored a book on the power of education to combat extremism. Burying the Sword: Confronting Jihadism with Interfaith… Continue reading

Grassroots Interfaith Brings Together Christians & Muslims in Mombasa, Kenya

There have been relatively good relations between Christian and Muslims in Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city, until the onset of terror attacks on churches from the start of… Continue reading

Modern Challenges & Religious Education

It is rare that one has a decent opportunity to step back from one's work and really reflect properly on what one does as a teacher. As each new term approaches I have too often… Continue reading

Children's Spirituality and the 99 Names of God

What if teachers of RE had resources that viewed religions holistically and used holistic methods to explore them? Resources, for example, that nurture reason alongside an… Continue reading

Reflections from the National Holocaust Centre

"It was 1939 and a cold night in Eastern Poland, when the Russian forces came. Mama rushed into my room, told me to get my jacket and then just run. And we ran and ran …… Continue reading

Why Remember the Holocaust?

It is 2017 and I am preparing our seventeenth Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). This is for the Cambridge City Council who generously support what is a major civic event. We usually… Continue reading

Religion is...

Austin Tiffany explores the issues behind the new Woolf Institute e-learning course Religion is... Religion is… complex. It is often perceived as a force of evil, but more… Continue reading

Inclusive Christmas - Exclusive Laïcité?

Woolf Institute JRF Dr Sami Everett reflects on French laïcité, not as an academic, but as a father. "But there's nothing proselytising about it" my daughter's primary school… Continue reading

Cartoons Against Fear

Finn Schulze-Feldmann explains the work of Bildkorrektur: a design collective combatting fear and prejudice in contemporary Germany. 'Fear not' – the first words spoken by the… Continue reading

Multi-faith and Inter-faith: Different Drivers, Different Directions

The Rev Dr Peter Hayler Assoc. Vicar at Great St Mary's and Chaplain to University Staff, Cambridge, reflects on the difference between multi-faith and inter-faith perspectives.… Continue reading

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