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Patron's Tour Istanbul 2022

ISTANBUL “Turkey is a secular country”. Really? A few days in Istanbul with the Woolf Institute, Cambridge exploring religious and social relations showed that while that… Continue reading

Less Noise, More Hope

Read Dr Ed Kessler's speech from the 13th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue (20-21 February 2018). What is your favourite occupation?  Eating? Reading? Let me tell you… Continue reading

Sarajevo: Its Religions and Ways of Remembering 

Bosnians and Herzegovinians have been struggling to achieve, or at least waiting for, a more lasting sense of stability ever since the conflict in the 1990s. The events… Continue reading

Muslim-Jewish Relations in South Asia

South Asia has largely been overlooked by scholars of Muslim-Jewish relations and by the activists working for the betterment of relations between the two communities. Apparently… Continue reading

Interfaith Week & The Value Of Religious Dialogue

Founding Director Dr Edward Kessler reflects on Interfaith Week and the value of religious dialogue in an increasingly secular age. There is a contradiction at the heart of… Continue reading

Cartoons Against Fear

 Finn Schulze-Feldmann explains the work of Bildkorrektur: a design collective combatting fear and prejudice in contemporary Germany. 'Fear not' – the first words spoken by… Continue reading

Multi-faith and Inter-faith: Different Drivers, Different Directions

The Rev Dr Peter Hayler Assoc. Vicar at Great St Mary's and Chaplain to University Staff, Cambridge, reflects on the difference between multi-faith and inter-faith perspectives.… Continue reading

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