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Jesus before Pilate: Not Guilty for the Record

In the annual Easter observance, many Christians examine the scriptural passages found in Matthew 27: 11-26, Mark 15: 1-15, Luke 23: 1-25, and John 18: 28-38. Unfortunately, this… Continue reading

"You Matter Because You are You": Faith and End of Life Care

The forget-me-not flower and dementia are linked in the most beautiful way. While dementia causes a decline in memory and cognitive function, the forget-me-not flower symbolises… Continue reading

Is Prague the Least Religious City in the World?

If you stand at the top of Petřin Hill in Prague, you will be astounded by the striking beauty of the city. From here, the river weaves before you dividing this ancient settlement… Continue reading

Why Sometimes You Just Need to Keep Going

The Myth of Sisyphus teaches us a lesson about religious leaders involved in interreligious engagement and activism. In the myth, King Sisyphus of Ephyra spent each day pushing a… Continue reading

Water Matters

The need for water is universal. It is as necessary as air to sustain life in all its forms. Many of us take access to fresh water for granted when we turn on the tap in a way… Continue reading

Remembering the Holocaust - as a Christian

Dr. Andy Tix uses this International Holocaust Remembrance Day to reflect on his Christian faith in light of the difficult history of Christian involvement in the Holocaust.… Continue reading

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