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Alumni and Supporters are the cornerstone of the Woolf Institute. Across the globe they are working with us to improve relations between religion and society.

Join us by listening to our podcasts, reading or writing for our blogs, watching our videos, accessing our online resources or doing one of our courses. And don't forget to share our and your work on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. A great deal of what we offer is available free thanks to gifts and contributions from Alumni and Donors.

You can support our work and become a member of our Friends group themed on a Pomegranate Tree – a symbol of life, abundance and prosperity in all Abrahamic traditions. We are hugely grateful to everyone who contributes to the Woolf Institute, so we have come up with some special benefits for our Friends

£5/ month - a Silver Leaf:

£10/month - a Gold Leaf:  

If you tell us that you have mentioned us in your Will, you shall be treated as a Gold Leaf.

Pomegranates are mentioned throughout the Bible. For instance one was brought to Moses to demonstrate the fruitfulness of the Promised Land. The Virgin Mary is often depicted holding a Pomegranate and in some Muslim countries they are used as part of wedding rituals.

Joining the Friends from the UK

Simply set up a regular gift via bank transfer or online and we'll send you your welcome letter.

Joining the Friends from Outside the UK

Monthly donations (or annual equivalent):

US: Donate via CAF America for tax-efficient giving

  • Silver Leaf - $10
  • Gold Leaf - $15

Canada: Donate via CAF Canada for tax-efficient giving

  • Silver - 14C$
  • Gold - 21C$

Euro Countries: Contact for information on tax-efficient giving

  • Silver - 8EUR
  • Gold - 13EUR
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Find out the benefits of being a Silver Pomegranate (£20/month) or Gold Pomegranate (£100/month) by contacting