LATEST UPDATE: Video available of Prince Hassan's Lecture for the Woolf Institute "A positive future? The aftermath of conflict"

The Woof Institute is currently developing a summer school programme that will launch in summer 2019. The primary aim of the summer school is to offer a programme of study for students that will draw on the research and teaching expertise of staff and doctoral students at the Woolf Institute, as well as teaching staff of the University of Cambridge. Given the remit of our work at the Woolf Institute, the curriculum will include an interdisciplinary approach to the study of interreligious and interfaith relations. 

The summer school aims to increase tolerance and interdependence through the design of a curriculum and a learning environment conducive to academic study and fostering understanding of the diversity of beliefs, attitudes and perspectives. Woolf Institute Summer School will offer courses related to three themes: Region, Migration and Society.

Region: Topics here will include those related to North Africa and the Middle East – including, historical insights gained from studies of the Cairo Genizah, and current debates around the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.

Migration: Topics here will include patterns and trends of global migration with a particular focus on migration to North America and Europe, and the experiences of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

Society: Topics here will include interreligious relations, with focus for example on the medieval 'Convivencia' of the Iberian Peninsula, contemporary policy debates around Antisemitism and Islamophobia, the Woolf Institute's work in the UK, and the interfaith approaches used to improve social cohesion in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Teaching spaces will be provided in the Woolf Institute's new permanent home on Madingley Road.