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Religion is…



Many of the misunderstandings and misinterpretations surrounding religion today stem from a lack of study as well as scrutiny. This course, Religion is..., will provide participants with an introduction to religion and will allow anyone who has a thirst for knowledge to discover narratives and stories and to travel through time and reflect on key events and historical moments.

It will help participants understand the process by which religion has changed, through time and locations, and also how it contributes to, and is influenced by, society in the 21st-century.

The course is accessed via Hedwig which is hosted by the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Course structure

Each week, you will receive set readings and prepare various assignments online. Woolf Institute tutors will support you and provide feedback throughout the course. Alongside fellow participants, you will be able to discuss ideas on the online discussion forum. Following introductory discussion forum a week before the course commences, the course is divided into three modules:

Module 1: Religion is… a foundation

Week 1: Theology
Week 2: Religious Practices
Week 3: Sacred Space and Sacred Land
Week 4: Religious Leadership

Module 2: Religion is… a process

Week 1: Women in Religious Leadership
Week 2: Media
Week 3: Religion and Society

Module 3: Religion is… a problem or a solution

Week 1: Religious "Fundamentalism"
Week 2: Religious Violence
Week 3: Humanitarian Crises: Poverty, Pollution and Refugee Crisis

Course timetable

Participants will have access to the general course information and introductory discussion forum a week before the course commences.

Module 1: Religion is... a foundation: 5 February - 4 March 2018
Module 2: Religion is... a process: 5-25 March 2018
Module 3: Religion is... a solution: 26 March - 15 April 2018

Participants will have access to further information and the concluding discussion forum between 16-29 April 2018.

Application details

Applications are now being accepted for the course commencing Monday 5 February 2018.

The deadline for applications is 15 January 2018.

Download the application form here.

Before submitting your application, please read the Booking Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy.

The fee is £295 which includes online access to the course and the course materials, tutor feedback and a Woolf Institute Certificate of Completion.

A limited number of bursaries are available.