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Interreligious Understanding Today



As we live in an age of increasing plurality but also instability, the need for interreligious understanding, which is grounded on solid academic research and in touch with the realities of interreligious encounter, is greater than ever.

The course Interreligious Understanding Today, which in its current form will run for the first time in 2017, has been designed to meet this need. It consists of two modules (part-time and flexible) – 'Exploring the Principles' and 'Addressing the Issues' – which together with Induction and Conclusion weeks lasts for 10 weeks in total.

This course will provide a forum in which participants will:

  • explore different kinds of interreligious understanding (Intellectual, Empathic, Civil, Spiritual) between Abrahamic religions and beyond;
  • compare the ways in which such understanding can be achieved in different cultural and political contexts in the world (US, Asia, Europe);
  • study the relationship between secularity and interreligious understanding;
  • find out how to apply the lessons from historical experiences of particular minority groups in contemporary settings;
  • and explore the ways in which the challenges to interreligious understanding  posed by religious nationalisms and extremisms can be addressed.

The course is multidisciplinary, engaging with religious studies and sociological, historical and philosophical approaches.

Further details:

Course structure

Course timetable

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On completion, participants will receive a Woolf Institute Certificate of Completion.

The course will commence on Monday 3 April 2017.


Dr Emma Harris: eth22@cam.ac.uk

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