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Perspectives is the Woolf Institute's in-house magazine, made available in hardcopy and online. If you would like to request a hardcopy for your organisation or library please contact: perspectives@woolf.cam.ac.uk

Faith and Narratives

Current edition: Faith and Narratives

Taking the theme of Faith and Narratives, this edition includes contributions from Archbishop Justin Welby, Edmund de Waal and Professor Tariq Modood and was guest edited by author Carolina Gonzalez-Carvajal.

Movement and Migration

Movement and Migration

Marking the arrival of the London 2012 Olympics this edition takes Movement and Migration as its theme, exploring the various ways in which movement, and the movement of ideas, have impacted on relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Translation and Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation

Taking Translation and Interpretation as its theme, this edition took its inspiration from the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, including interviews with Simon Schama and Rabbi Dame Julia Neuberger, poetry by Akbar Ahmed and articles by Father Henry Wansbrough, Gorazd Andrejc and Daniel Cowdin.

Marginalised Minorities

Marginalised Minorities

Discussions at the Institute over the past six months have focused on Marginalised Minorities against the backdrop of our study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. With our stream of international visiting fellows, student exchanges and collaborations within the academy, we are sensitive to developments in policy and other symptoms of change in relations between and treatment of faith groups, nationally and internationally. Yet the theme has also attracted wider public attention of late, not least during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Scotland and England, in the many column inches deconstructing what David Cameron's plans for a Big Society really mean for communities, and in Angela Merkel's admission of the "utter failure of multiculturalism in Germany".

Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason

As we recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of our work against the backdrop of the 800th anniversary of the University of Cambridge, the theme of this issue arose as from our discussion of the place of faith and reason in education. It is part of the quest to respond effectively to the needs of interfaith relations in a wider, often secular society.


Editorial Board

Alice Sandham, Trisha Kessler, Editors

Emma Harris, Carolina Gonzalez-Carvajal, Editorial Assistants


We welcome readers' responses and suggestions: perspectives@woolf.cam.ac.uk

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