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Wisdom and Greatness in One Place: the 15th-c. Alexandrian Trader Moses Ben Judah and His Circle

Esther-Miriam Wagner

Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner is working on Mamluk Alexandria. Together with her colleague Dr Dotan Arad (Bar Ilan University), a historian specialising in the Mamluk period, she is preparing an edition of mercantile letters from 15th-century Alexandria, which are part of the manuscript collections in the Bodleian.

Composed in Judaeo-Arabic and Hebrew, they paint a vivid picture of the economic situation in Mamluk Egypt, the commercial connections between Southern Europe and the Middle East, the relations between Jewish and non-Jewish merchants, and the integration of Jews in the wider Egyptian society, in particular as compared to their situation in the earlier Fatimid and Ayyubid empires.