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Professional Doctorate


The Cambridge Theological Federation, through its partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, offers a Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology. The Professional Doctorate (DProf) is of particular interest to practitioners and professionals who want to research a question arising from their practice and through their research to contribute to the community of practice in their own profession or voluntary work.

The programme is aimed at those interested in relating theological, ethical and spiritual insights and methods to their own professional and/or voluntary practice. Participants need not necessarily have a faith-commitment but they should be interested in the role of religion, theology and ethics in forging action-directing world views.

If you are interested in undertaking a professional doctorate with an interfaith perspective, initial enquiries should be directed to Dr Emma Harris at

For full programme details including entry requirements and how to apply, visit

Mandy Carr is currently undertaking the Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology.

" The programme has been a profound learning experience for me. As a Jewish arts therapist researching the relationship between therapy and religion, I have found the structure and process of the doctoral journey, with its regular meetings with peers and supervisors, stimulating and encouraging. It integrates the personal and the professional and values artistic as well as academic enquiry. The level of expertise support from the supervisors is invaluable. This, along with the Summer Schools and student networks, has exposed me to a wide range of perspectives and ideas that I may not have otherwise come across."