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Photo of Rodrigo Garcia-Velasco

Rodrigo Garcia-Velasco

PhD student

Rodrigo Garcia-Velasco was awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship to commence his PhD studies in 2014-15.

Click here to read Rodrigo's blog post as he reflects on his second year on the doctoral programme at Cambridge. Read Rodrigo's first year reflections here.

Rodrigo's project, which is supervised by Prof. David Abulafia, and co-supervised by Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, focuses on the formation of frontier communities in Spain during the period of Christian expansion over the previously Muslim-dominated territories of al-Andalus, between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. By examining a series of understudied corpus of documentary sources, he is exploring the strategies employed by the Christian settlers to accommodate the heterogeneous Muslim, Jewish and Arabised Christian autochthonous peoples.

Rodrigo studied at international schools in Spain, where he first developed his interest for interfaith questions, before moving to England to study his undergraduate degree in History at Oxford University. Rodrigo's interest in both the Christian and Islamic medieval Mediterranean subsequently led him to do first an MSt in Medieval History at Oxford, before doing an MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS, London.


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