E. Khayyat

Sir Mick and Lady Barbara Davis Visiting Fellow


E. Khayyat joined the Institute for three months commencing in April 2018 as the Sir Mick and Lady Barbara Davis Visiting Fellow.

E. Khayyat is assistant professor at Rutgers University. He received his PhD from Columbia University, where he studied at the Department of English and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. Before Rutgers he taught in Frankfurt and Istanbul, Paris and New York, mostly philosophy of literature and religion. 

His forthcoming book How to Turn Turk engages Erich Auerbach's pioneering works of contemporary literary and cultural history, some of which were produced at Istanbul University in the 1940s, against the background of his Turkish colleagues Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar (1901-1962) and Halide Edib's (1884-1964) works. 

Among his awards are various fellowships and visiting professorships at Gutenberg in Mainz, Science Po and Paris 8 in Paris, and Jamia Millia Islamia of Delhi; a UNESCO award, the Marjorie Hope Nicolson doctoral fellowship and an ICLS fellowship at Columbia University. He is a member of the founding board of Harvard University's Institute for World Literature.

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