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Interfaith discussion "The Book and the Believer"

21 October 2015

Book and Believer

The Woolf Institute, in partnership with the Tablet, LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs and the Pears Foundation organised an interfaith discussion on the theme “The Book and the Believer: are Catholics, Jews and Muslims still outsiders in British society?” Sughra Ahmed, Programmes Manager at the Woolf Institute’s Centre for Policy and Public Education, talked on Muslim perspectives in front of an audience of 60 people.

She was joined by three public figures who shared their perspectives, from their experience of belonging to a minority religious tradition in modern British society. Frank Cottrell-Boyce a British screenwriter and novelist, known for his children's fiction and for his collaboration(s) with film director Michael Winterbottom and Danny Boyle, Ruth Gilbert Reader at the University of Winchester and specialist in modern Jewish literature and Conor Gearty, Director of the Institute of Public Affairs and Professor of Human Rights Law at LSE. 

They were followed by three students who offered their perspectives. Ed Kessler closed the event and thanked the speakers.

The podcast is available online: http://www.lse.ac.uk/newsAndMedia/videoAndAudio/channels/publicLecturesAndEvents/player.aspx?id=3245

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