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Woolf Institute Visiting Fellows confirmed for 2015

26 June 2014



The Woolf Institute Visiting Fellows for 2015 have been confirmed:

AnaAna Echevarria will join the Institute for April-May 2015. She is a Senior Lecturer of Medieval History in the Department of Medieval History and Palaeography at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid. She is also the Review-editor of the journal Medieval Encounters (Brill), devoted to issues of interreligious contacts. Her field of research is the relations between Christianity and Islam in the Iberian Peninsula, with an emphasis on issues such as polemics, conversion and the situation of religious minorities under Christian or Muslim rule, depending on the century. She will organise a conference at the end of April, together with Nora Berend (History) and Amira Bennison (FAMES), on an Arabic Collection of Canon Laws (known as al-Qawānin, in Arabic, kept at the Monastery of El Escorial Royal Library, Spain), composed around 1050 C.E., which is a compilation and translation of the Latin versions of Visigothic canon laws enforced in the Iberian Peninsula from 600 to 700, and transmitted thereafter under both Christian and Islamic rule.

HanaHanan Hammad will join the Institute from May to July. Hanan is an assistant professor of history of the Middle East at Texas Christian University. Her primary research focuses on the socioeconomic and cultural development of the modern Middle East with special emphasis on gender, sexuality and popular culture in modern Egypt. She is currently writing a book on the late Egyptian starlet Layla Murad (1918-1995). Murad, who has been one of the most remembered celebrities in 20th century Arab musical cinema, was born Jewish and announced her conversion to Islam in 1948. She prematurely retired in the mid 1950's, against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the consolidation of power of the Nasser regime shortly thereafter.

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