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Ed Kessler in JC on Papal pilgrimage

30 May 2014

Papal pilgrimage

Ed Kessler in Jewish Chronicle on the recent Papal pilgrimage:

Last weekend, Pope Francis I followed in the footsteps of his immediate three papal predecessors by making a pilgrimage to the Middle East, visiting Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. Pope John Paul II did so in March 2000, and Benedict XVI visited in 2009.  Paul VI also briefly visited the Holy Land in 1965, the first time a Pope left Italy in modern times.

Francis I’s visit to Israel was not his first. Fr. Jorge Bergoglio was in Israel in October 1973, but the Yom Kippur war obliged him to stay in his hotel, so he spent most of his time reading the Bible, not giving him much opportunity to tour. It was different this time.

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